Unbiased #8: IU – “Musically Speaking… She’s Definitely The Best We’ve Heard”


Welcome to Fomo Daily’s Unbiased. In this podcast, Anna will assign Sean a new KPOP artist to check out each week… Sean will do an Internet deep dive and bring in unbiased opinions and questions for her.

In Episode 8, Sean and Anna will discuss IU.

•00:00 – Today’s episode is brought to you by Audible! Get a FREE audiobook download and 30-day free trial by following the link!

•00:16 – First impressions and introduction to IU

•04:32 – Old IU vs. New IU, Discussion of Palette and the inclusion of callbacks to older style, look, and music

•05:55 – Does IU have a unique style as a kpop artist? Indie sound, natural talent, and LOEN Entertainment

•08:55 – Does IU write and produce her own music? Discussion of her role in Chat-Shire & Palette

•12:10 – Popularity, Super Junior scandal, Trying to buy a kpop album in Koreatown NYC

•17:35 – Favorite Songs – Ending Scene, Palette, Can’t Love You Anymore, Through The Night, Dear Name, Jam Jam

•20:26 – IU & Kdrama – Dream High, Producers, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

•24:57 – Final Thoughts, Corrections & Omissions, Suggestion For Next Episode

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