Unbiased #6: K.A.R.D – “I Want To Ship Matthew And Me… But In A Band”

Welcome to Fomo Daily’s Unbiased. In this podcast, Anna will assign Sean a new KPOP artist to check out each week… Sean will do an Internet deep dive and bring in unbiased opinions and questions for her.

In Episode 6, Sean and Anna will discuss K.A.R.D.

•00:00 – First impressions and introduction to K.A.R.D

•03:34 – Anna’s hesitance to like a co-ed group, Sean’s first experience following a Kpop group from the very beginning of their career, Reasons why Sean likes K.A.R.D, Blogging/Twitter when obsessing over an artist

•07:00 – Why will K.A.R.D survive as a coed group compared to past groups? What other co-ed groups have existed? Do co-ed groups struggle to find a concept compared to all-female and all-male groups? Has the Kpop landscape changed in a way that allows for the successful assimilation of co-ed groups?

•12:43 – “Oh Nana” & “Don’t Recall,” Hidden KARDs, Musical Style, K.A.R.D. meanings, Biases, The role of a leader within a group

•20:12 – Somin in Japan, Jiwoo’s training and inclusion in other groups

•22:45 – Anna’s bias, Anna’s growing interest in K.A.R.D through Sean, Speculation on “Rumor” (recorded pre-release of “Rumor”)

•27:40 – Final Thoughts, Corrections & Omissions, Suggestion for Next Episode

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