Unbiased #5: SHINee – “…So You’re A Shawol In Shinee World?”

Welcome to Fomo Daily’s Unbiased. In this podcast, Anna will assign Sean a new KPOP artist to check out each week… Sean will do an Internet deep dive and bring in unbiased opinions and questions for her.

In Episode 5, Sean and Anna will discuss SHINee!

•00:00 – First impressions and introduction to SHINee

•02:33 – Sean’s initial impressions and comparisons of YG Entertainment’s style with SM Entertainment’s style after after being exposed to 2NE1 last week and SHINee this week

•05:47 – SHINee’s place in modern Kpop… Sean discovers that there are many different sub-genres in Kpop, each sounding differently

•07:58 – Songs that stick out to Sean, Comparisons to Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson, Taemin’s “Press Your Number”

•09:27 – SHINee’s Back, Shawols, Shinee World

•12:11 – Anna’s discovery of SHINee, SHINee as Anna’s gateway into appreciating her heritage and Kpop, Anna reminisces about SNSD and Wonder Girls

•14:58 – Early music vs. recent music… How have they changed? Did they grow into their sound? Did the industry change them?

•18:20 – Does SHINee appeal to younger audience or older women? Or both? Sean discovers the word “noona.”

•21:00 – Return to discussion of early music vs. recent music… Anna challenges Sean to start looking into more than just the title tracks including full albums, acoustic sessions, and live performances

•23:08 – Sean and Anna reveal their SHINee bias, Anna tells Sean about Taemin on “We Got Married” with Naeun of Apink

•25:53 – Corrections & Omissions, Suggestion for Next Episode, Final Thoughts

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