Unbiased #4: 2NE1 – “A Story for the Ages”

In Episode 4, Sean and Anna will discuss 2NE1 and the future careers of CL, Dara, Park Bom, and Minzy.

•00:00 – First impressions and introduction to 2NE1

•03:08 – Reasons Anna loves 2NE1, YG’s importance in the group’s rise to fame

•05:55 – What did the break-up mean to Blackjacks? A discussion of the hiatus, Minzy leaving the group, the Park Bom scandal, and “Good Bye”

•07:49 – Minzy’s future, The Music Works

•08:30 – Park Bom, Scandal as a trainee, Not renewing with YG

•10:45 – Sean recaps Minzy and Park Bom

•12:21 – Sean Learns A Thing Or Two About Age in Korean Culture… Year? Age? Age + 1 Year?

•15:12 – Sandara Park aka Dara, Her role as a “visual,” Sean learns what a visual is, Her time in the Philippines, Thunder of MBLAQ

•18:25 – CL as a leader and solo artist, Collaborations (Jeremy Scott, Method Man, Skrillex, Joey Bada$$), Fashion, Breaking out in the West, Psy

•24:19 – Kpop industry, Trainees, Group break-ups

•25:00 – Discussion of music and favorite songs – “Come Back Home,” “Lollipop,” “Go Away,” “Good Bye,” “I Love You,” “Missing You”

•27:23 – Corrections & Omissions, Suggestion for Next Episode, Final Thoughts

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