Unbiased #10: BIGBANG – “What’s Their Story?”

Welcome to Fomo Daily’s Unbiased. A podcast about a rookie K-Pop fan that wants to become and expert. In each episode, Anna will assign Sean a new K-Pop artist to check out… Sean will do an Internet deep dive and bring in unbiased opinions and questions for her.

In Episode 10, Sean and Anna will discuss BIGBANG.

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•00:48 – First impressions and introduction to BIGBANG

•02:47 – Members of the Group: G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Seungri, Daesung

•07:54 – The BIGBANG Story: Sean’s initial discovery, From trainees to worldwide superstars, Success in Japan, International recognition by publications like Forbes

•13:50 – Favorite Songs: “FXXK IT,” “LOSER,” Everything on M.A.D.E.

•16:10 – A word from the Unbiased Hosts, the Fomo Daily Shop, and Audible

•19:55 – Interview with Danny Im of 1TYM/YG & Danny’s K-Pop Podcast: GD & Taeyang as trainees, T.O.P having to overcome looking too good, and 1TYM’s influence (or lack thereof) on BIGBANG as a group

•30:38 – Final Thoughts, Corrections & Omissions, Sean and Anna’s Farewell For Season 1

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