Fomo After Dark #3 – Jay Park “Me Like Yuh” (Ray & David)

Welcome to Fomo After Dark! Once a week, Julia – founder of Fomo Daily and host of this podcast – will sit down with two guests immediately after a YouTube video shoot to discuss a trending Kpop video that they were just exposed to. If you’re part of the Fomo Fam, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know all of your favorite Fomo Daily regulars on an even deeper level!

On this episode, Ray and David stopped by to talk to Julia about Jay Park‘s music video for “Me Like Yuh.” They discuss Jay Park’s Kpop and western influences, Ray’s biggest fear when it comes to recreating certain parts of the music video, and getting noticed by the Fomo Fam in real life!

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Jay Park “Me Like Yuh” Reaction

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