DKP #2: Life after K-Pop, 1TYM reunion, and long-distance relationships

Welcome to Danny’s K-Pop Podcast – where I get to answer your questions!

Dial-in to the hotline and ask me anything: (567)39-DANNY. Call in with your stories as well… I would love to hear them! If you’re dialing from outside of the United States the number is +1(567)393-2669.

On this episode:

00:00 – Podcasting and what I’ve learned so far

03:17 – What have I been up to since 1TYM?

07:15 – Will 1TYM ever have a reunion?

12:08 – What was it like being in a long-distance relationship in the entertainment industry? What kind of advice do I have for people in long-distance relationships?

20:08 – Final Thoughts: Keeping an open mind to become a more well-rounded person

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